You invested time and money in curating a stellar employee benefits package. Now you need to make sure your workforce can reap the full rewards.

Enter bswift’s Benefits U education series—practical, plain-language guides to help employees understand and maximize their benefits. It’s an essential part of any benefits education and engagement strategy.

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  • Boost Benefits Utilization – When employees understand their benefits, they use them. Give them benefits clarity and you’ll have smarter health care consumers.
  • Increase Workforce Satisfaction – Plain language does more than foster engagement. Cutting confusion reduces benefits-related stress. Simplified articles make for a happier workforce.
  • Promote Better Health Outcomes – Articles also unlock the wellness benefits of preventive care. An educated workforce is a more engaged and healthier one.
  • Friendly Presentation – Forget stale corporate-speak. Build benefit comprehension through engaging, everyday language employees can actually understand.
  • Targeted Knowledge – Explain complex topics like health savings accounts (HSAs), copays, and out-of-pocket maximums in simple terms with practical examples.
  • Curated Content – Choose individual articles or pre-bundled packages on key topics like preventive wellness to educate and motivate employees all year long!
  • Turnkey Promotion – Plug and play emails make it easy for you to generate excitement and boost utilization.

Upgrade Your Employee Benefits Communications Strategy

Arm your workforce with the know-how to save money, live healthier, and fully leverage their benefits. Because isn’t that what great benefits are all about?

Say hello to bswift’s Benefits U!

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