Tired of dense, text-heavy documents landing in employees’ inboxes with a thud and failing to drive engagement? Struggling to generate interest in voluntary benefits? It’s time for HR to shake things up for better benefits utilization. It’s time to communicate benefits info in a way that truly resonates.

Well, cue the popcorn, because we’ve got good news. The Communication Agency turns dry benefits info into engaging, educational videos on the key benefits topics you need to communicate.

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Rather than relying on pages of jargon, you can bring benefits info to life through creative motion graphics, animations, and conversational narration that your employees will actually watch and remember.

  • Boost Engagement – Short, entertaining videos keep employees’ attention and drive benefits utilization.
  • Improve Understanding – Complex topics become more accessible when explained visually and conversationally.
  • Streamline Onboarding & Open Enrollment – On-demand videos empower your employees, meaning fewer questions for HR.

Custom Video Solutions for Every Stage of the Employment Journey

From new hire orientation to open enrollment and more, we craft videos that educate your staff, so they can spend less time deciphering dense documents and more time appreciating the great benefits you offer.

Let’s connect to discuss how custom videos can simplify benefits communication across your organization.

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Empower your employees with top-notch internal communications

Don’t settle for communications that employees ignore. Join forces with bswift and unlock the full potential of creative, compliant solutions for employee engagement and retention.

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