As companies embrace remote and hybrid work models, legacy in-person benefits fairs strain to educate distributed workforces effectively. And that’s to say nothing of the logistical headaches an in-person benefits fair creates for HR.

It’s time to go virtual with bswift. Our smart, configurable Virtual Benefits Fair Platform makes it easy to educate employees on their options.

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Bring Employee Benefits to Life Anywhere

With flexibility for both live events and self-guided exploration, employees log in on their devices to a custom virtual environment showcasing all available providers.

With bswift, you can host providers and employees—in-office staff and distributed workforces—in an interactive virtual space. Employees simply log in on any device to explore their options through webinars, chatting with reps, and more.

And with robust reporting, you’ll gain data-driven insights to improve engagement, future fairs, and the bottom line. Don’t settle for outdated benefits fair formats. Empower your workforce and unlock smarter benefits education with bswift’s Virtual Benefits Fairs Platform.

  • Reduce costs compared to physical fairs
  • Enable participation from anywhere
  • Deliver an optimized mobile experience
  • Gain insights into engagement

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