As an HR leader, you know how much time busy employees—and your team—spend searching across different portals for basic benefits information. With health plans, retirement accounts, time off policies, and more to navigate, no wonder benefits administration creates clutter.

Wouldn’t it be nice to clear that clutter away?

That’s why a Public Benefits Website from bswift is the perfect solution. We craft custom sites that help employees easily find what they need to know, without wasting hours digging.

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Our team builds custom public benefits websites with clean designs and clear navigation to ensure your employees and candidates get answers in seconds, not hours.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to find:

  • Health and welfare info
  • Financial wellness topics
  • Work/life balance programs
  • Policies, forms, and contact info
  • Anything else employees need—no more fielding the same questions over and over

We take a consultative approach, partnering to define your communication goals and develop comprehensive content strategies aligned to your brand, your culture, and your benefits offerings.

Employees get clear explanations of complex topics, and you get streamlined benefits administration.

  • Happier, more empowered employees 
  • Less drain on your time
  • Simplify access to policies, forms, contact info, and other essentials in one centralized hub
  • Cut search time so employees spend less time frustrated and more productive
  • Reduce support costs by answering common questions just once on the site
  • Attract top talent by highlighting your generous total rewards package up front

A Public Benefits Website Gives You Insights to Drive Decisions

And real-time analytics show you what employees use so you know where to focus.

  • Engagement levels
  • Popular pages
  • Downloads
  • And more

Don’t let benefits administration become a hassle. Let our team tackle it. You can keep your employees informed and free yourself to focus on the big picture.

We’re here to provide the innovative solutions you need to simplify and streamline your benefits information.

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